You know that feeling when you step inside a friend’s house, are offered a cup of coffee and told to make yourself at home? Now imagine that friend’s house is full of incredible pottery, indoor plants hanging from the ceiling, and an espresso bar. Not to mention, their front, back, and side yards are impeccably manicured with tastefully chosen foliage and water features. Is this a dream, you ask? No! One visit to the West Seattle Nursery will have you spending hours roaming the “halls” of this garden oasis, visualizing any and all ways to make your own indoor and outdoor space as welcoming as theirs.

Having recently expanded into the adjoining north lot, this new space offers blooming cacti, vases and vessels, sweet smelling lotions and candles, and greenery as far as your eye can see. Did I mention the in-house coffee shop? Sip your warm mocha while browsing a curated selection of home and yard goods. I’ve done it, and it’s amazing. Not only is this a top notch experience, but the staff has also selflessly committed to giving back to the community. Each month, any tips gathered from the coffee shop will be donated to a local non-profit such as the Little Red Hen Project, who are currently working to bring an edible garden to the Delridge Community Center. The Nursery offers a lot of undiscovered perks, and this is my favorite: You’ve been eyeing that Japanese maple, but you drive a Prius and there’s no way you can get that sucker home. Never fear, the nursery is here! Offering free delivery to West Seattle (and for a small fee to other parts of the city) you can have that tree in the ground before you can say “subtly variegated leaf.” Stop by today get your plant on!

West Seattle Nursery | 5275 California Ave SW
Open from 9am-8pm | Visit
WestSeattleNursery.com for more!
*A big thank you to manager Marcia for her time and inside scoop.