Local Business Spotlight :: Harry's Chicken Joint


Fan of fried chicken? Is that even a fair question? If you haven’tpopped into Harry’s Chicken Joint, you must. No really, get in your car, hop on your bike, take a stroll to sample some of the tastiest, juiciest, crunchiest, yummiest chicken in West Seattle. Heck, in all of Seattle. Harry’s Chicken Joint, located in the Morgan Junction, was created by Bruce and named for his father, Harry. Bruce has a lifelong love of cooking and had a dream of one day opening a restaurant. A graduate of South Seattle Community College’s Culinary Arts program, Bruce opened Harry’s in 2013 and is joined by his wife Patty, a retired Harborview nurse. The chicken is soaked in buttermilk for 24 hours, double-dredged in spicier-than-normal mix, then smoked before being fried in, as they say it, “big-ass cast- iron cauldrons.” I mean, if that doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what would!


What I love most about this dynamic duo is their love for their business and the joy they bring to this community. Harry’s thrives in a small space (Remember Meander’s on California Ave? That’s where they’re located.) and pays homage to family history and tradition. Bruce said, “Harry was a phenomenal chef who liked thinking outside of the box and making something of a meal. In the 1960s, it was unusual to have a man whistling away in the kitchen; most of the other dads were out mowing the lawns.” Best way to enjoy a little Harry’s fried chicken? Grab some friends and a chicken, and plant yourself in front of a pint at Beveridge Place. Just a warning: you may not want to share.


Harry’s Chicken Joint | 6032 California Ave SW | 206-938-9000
Thursday-Saturday | 4-8pm* 

* Or until the chicken runs out

For more information, you can follow Harry's Chicken Joint on Facebook and Instagram.