Local Business Spotlight


Bird on a Wire

is a local coffee shop gem. And I recently met with owner, Heidi, for a little Q&A. Here is what I found out:

Heidi’s parents were hippies and she grew up eating from the garden. She really wanted to incorporate the coffee shop with the simple, healthy food that she grew up with. However, her biggest reasons for starting and continuing the business are her drive to make really great coffee and create a community (which she has definitely done!). She also supports many nonprofits (building that sense of community).

Heidi opened Bird on a Wire June 15th, 2002 -they just celebrated their 15-year anniversary! Heidi and her business partner, Corina also opened The Admiral Bird. I am thrilled to tell you they are also opening a third location in South Park along with an event space!!

Many people have asked how Heidi came up with the name of the business. “One day I was looking out the window and I saw some birds on an electrical wire taking turns on my bird feeder. They looked like customers lining up to the counter!”

If you haven't had a chance to stop by Bird on a Wire, they have REALLY GREAT COFFEE! The Americanos and Cubans are excellent, they make their own syrups, and they offer light breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Bird on a Wire Espresso  |  3509 SW Henderson St.
6am–4pm weekdays  |  7am–4pm sat + sun

For more information, you can follow Bird on a Wire on Facebook and Instagram.