Top tips for buyers in a seller's market

1. Get pre-approved with a lender & know your price range & down-payment.

2. Make a wish list of your wants & needs.

3. Meet with me to help you look for what you want, write your offer, and negotiate on your behalf.

4. Improve your credit score, if needed.

5. Do not make any large purchases, like a car, or apply for any credit cards.

6. Have funds ready for closing costs, inspections, and reserves.

7. Learn about the market & process of buying and ask me questions.

8. Calculate your commute.

9. Get your paperwork in order and file your taxes. 

10. Think about resale value.

11. Check out the neighborhood.

12. Stay the course. You may not get the first home you put an offer on.

13. Be willing to compromise & be patient

The search and process is worth the result of getting a great home!